FanArt: Fishing

Been few days since my last update, in which i hoped to get an answer.

Whatever, here ‘s another drawing.

Big Fish

Anime: Dragon Ball z

Characters: Son Goku (Kakarot) & Vegeta

Chibi style lol

Yes, here’e Goku looking proud of his catch and shows off to Vegeta, who is impressed by it.

You’d think he can’t do that, too. lol


Request for a Singing Coach!

Since I like singing and Vocal playing, I’ve been troubled with my own voice.

I’d like to sing better, high notes and vibratos (cuz I can’t get them the normal way) and all that, so I’m searching for Singing Coaches.

If anyone knows an online one, please do tell me.

Thank you for the help.


Back Pain is getting bad…

My little brother (6y) slept in the same bed as myself yesterday, since my other bro (11y) slept on the other bed.

The problem here isn’t him sleeping my bed, it would be him sticking to my back all night and then pushing my to the edge of the bed and I don’t have the heart to push him back. ._.

I already have back problems, so staying in the position irritated my back and thus the pain started anew and worsened my mood, which has been bad since Wednesday.

I snapped at my husband this last weekend several times and when I finally admitted it was because of the pain he promised to take me to the hospital this Thursday.

I just hope they find a cure.

It’s almost always a back pain that ruins my mood these days.. >_<

New Week~

It’s Sunday~

The start of another week and a new working day.

Week end was nice, slept the whole day of Thursday since I didn’t have much sleep the last 3 previous days. Not really, Just after 19:30PM and going.

Friday was uneventful; just relaxing at home playing Diablo3: RoS on PS3.

Saturday, had plans to visit my mother but she was not home, so we visited my Husband’s Grandmother, later had dinner with my Husband at Chicken Texas. lol

He left back to work at night, and I went back home. U.U

Soooooo, back to work again!

And back to the daily posting, again. xD