My last post was a week ago, but been busy and I totally forget that I have the App on my phone.. sad.

Ok, so my week so far was really, truly busy!

Meetings and trainings and sleepless nights! DX

Thankfully I passed all that, but then the hospital visits started! ._.

first, 2 days ago, my sister gave birth to a baby boy~

then yesterday I had a physical Therapy but had too much work and was late for it… and missed it.

Today I have an MRI cuz the last one was cancelled, but I totally forgot that I should be fasting. I didn’t, but I did Drink my morning Tea.

so I called to make sure if it was ok or not, and they say my phone was off, which wasn’t.. ._.

It’s on Saturdays now. *sighs*

On the Pro side for today though, I’m visiting my family after work and will have lunch with them, and later my husband will be back.

Football: Real Madrid vs Levante

I lost a bet against my husband. -_-

Yesterday was a match between Real Madrid and Levante, 5-0.

You see, I’m not into football, it’s only for him since he loves it so why not indulge with him a bit in that field?

So he was so sure about their victory and said they’ll get at least 4 balls in.

Here my bet was, if they get less than 4 he’ll get me something, however if they got 4 or more I’ll get him a present.

Needless to say who won. -_-

Now, I’m thinking what to get him.

Maybe the new iphone plus he wanted?

Anime and Manga~ Attack on Titan!

A new week day~

Back to work and in better health, but for some reason i’m not in my usual mood; you know like feeling…. tired and blank?

On another note, I got my husband hooked into anime! xD

Been watching Shingeki no kyojin, special episode? It comes as a DVD and Vol 14 of the manga (Japanese).

Special, Episode, Shingeki, no, Kyojin, Manga, Vol 9, Japanese

Special, Episode, Shingeki, no, Kyojin, Manga, Vol 14, Japanese

Later we continued watching old anime that we used to watch as children.

And finally downloaded Heidi, Girl of the Alps!

(Arupusu no Shoujo Haiji)

Cool, ne?

Pain & Stress

This week was a stressful week.

My lack of posts, even though no one sees them, was against my will.

Been sick and having back pains all day and night long.

Had to take Sick Leaves from work for 3 days….

Going to do a get an MRI soon.

Also, starting a physical Therapy.

Other than that, I found out that my Vit D is too low, so It’s part of the reason for the pains.

Hope to get better soon; I barely had time to sit on my laptop at all. ._.