Drawing: Crying Chibi

This was for my fanfic… lol

If the followers to that fic found this blog, they’ll kill me since i still didn’t update. xD

Character: Kai Hiwatari

Anime: Beyblade

Kai Hiwatari

Kai Hiwatari


Drawing: A Present~

A ‘cute’ fanart of Tala giving Kai a gift. lol

YuKai Plus Cat

Anime: Beyblade

Characters: Kai & Tala (Yuriy)


It’s a 2 pages… Comic? Stripe? I did few years ago as something fast to pass time.

Anime: Beyblade & Ranma

Characters: Kai Hiwatari & Ryoga Hibiki

uhh.. most Ranma (Ryoga) fans know about his depression and what it does, so…

Both sharing a room with Kai asleep but then feeling a destructing aura…



What they say is:

Kai: Get out of it!
Ryoga: Why did you hit me!?

Kai: I didn’t want you to destroy my room!

Ryoga: Eh?

Lame, I know…. -.-


I keep forgetting that I have an App on my phone for this!

Anyways, This week is full of appointments, I’m getting sick of it.

The physical therapy¬†(Let’s not talk about how my back feels after each appointment, I laughed so hard at the feeling.) and other things.

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and oh look! Turned out I have another appointment on Wednesday too!