After Comic con~ (mefcc2015)

Late much?

Comic con~ We had many troubles the first day and the organizing, but thankfully it went all ok.

We were also shocked when we found many fans there, it’s simply amazing especially if we were called by our online names.

I got to meet many celebrities also.

Masami Suda (Hokuto no ken)

artist for Street Fighter.

An Idol that i don’t even know but got a photo with so when i actually know him, i’d be glad that i took the photo. lol

And many others.

Also, we finally published our projects!

Sarmad and Hudoon:

My Eight Wings:

Also the ED for My Eight Wings:

It’s all original work.

All in all, it was a success for us. ^-^

Miyako Out~


Comic Con

Getting ready for MEFCC, Comic Con, is tiring..

Been lacking sleep for several days now, longest sleep was barely 5 hours.

I Should be getting the stuff today and some maybe delayed to tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I’ll go to start preparing the stand, along with other members of the team. But first I need to get to the hotel we booked so we can at least unpack.

Hopefully, we won’t take too long to prepare the stand, I would like to go to the Global Village one last time before it’s closure.

All this does not mean today is going to be any easier, haha!

After work time, 14:00PM, I have to get home to clean and tidy my room for the arrival of my husband, then take a much needed shower, then go to the Saloon for some ahem things~

Then go to my family’s house to give them the gifts I got for the children (brothers, nieces and nephews) yesterday. I’m almost sure they’ll like them!

I got my father a gift also, it’s a Hugo cologn with his name in 2 languages carved onto it.

AFTER this I can go back home and get my stuff ready for tomorrow.

It’s so tiring, but I hoping the result will be worth all the trouble we went through.

This is it for this Log.

Miyako Out.