Eid on the way

I just got WordPress installed again after so long on my iphone7. Says there are changes.

Hope I keep to it this time.

Anyways, Eid is by the door, it’s on Friday and even though I didn’t buy anything for it, I’m still excited.



HongKong Disney Land

Few months ago, on September, I went with my aunt and cousin to HongKong.we didn’t even tell any family members lol

There, I went to my childhood dream place; Disney Land!!

I would like to write a lot of details about this trip, but I don’t have the time now. 



These 2 weeks has been bad. lol

Been sick non-stop, couldn’t eat or anything thus my blood pressure went low.

The good thing is that, i got to give my supervisor a big BUUUURNNN!!!

He tried to lie about me to my father, told him that another staff told him something regarding me at work, turned out the staff he mentioned was on a sick leave that very same day. My father gave him a piece of his mind for this stupid lie. lol

How I love my father when he does that~ ❤

On another note, I think I lost my Flash Memory!! ._.

Also, my sister had an accident yesterday, and no one told me, just today i heard from my aunt, by coincidence!!!


But she is fine, her and my cousin are in good health, only the car got wrecked.

Song: Sway

Trying to post something different this time.

It’s a fan cover song of the known song, Sway.

Duet between myself and my friend Saku, Thus the name MiSa came to be. Haha.

Ok, so we sucked at it, but we don’t really care as long as we had fun doing it. ^-^

I added Arabic lyrics every other part of it, still has the same meaning as the original~

Ok, enough talk. I’m the one with the deeper voice.

I made a cover art for it actually, though the pose was taken from another art.

My Oc is the one with the violet/purple hair, even though I changed the eye color to Golden now. *^*MiSa Sway

Drawing: Fan Art

As said before, I like drawing anime style.

Even though I’m not the best out there, I still draw and post. lol

So I’m going to annoy you in that bit.

Starting with FanArt.

So far I made Fanarts for Beyblade, Ranma, Shaman King, FullMetal Alchemist, Durarara, Dragon Ball z, Street Fighters and some others that I didn’t post.

I will add them one or two a day so I don’t run out of them too soon, ne~

Starting from old to new, paper drawing to digital ones.

The character of the day is Tao Ren, Shaman King.

For some reason I like him and Asakura Hao. 0.0

The first to Roll.

Miyako desu~!

As read on my blog, All for Anime, Manga and Original OC Art, Dub and Songs, With bits of Random things here and there. Like Reading and sometimes Gaming. Strongly believe in mutual respect and have unique ideals.

Anyways, there’s nothing much about myself..

Started out as a Disney fan since being a baby, and dedicated myself to it. Movies and drawing style…
Found myself not improving in my art at all.
later, I learnt the difference between cartoon and anime and switched to anime, noticed the improvement in each drawing since anime doesn’t have one drawing style.
And for this I despised Disney and cartoon, I felt cheated . lol
These 2 years I went back to liking it though, old movies and that.

About drawing, they started as fan art (fan comic too) which later grew to manga style and my own OCs.

As of Singing, I love it since childhood, though my voice isn’t musical, sadly, and there are many notes I can’t reach. However, I’m trying to improve it, so please, bare with me.

Love it, though i didn’t realize I loved reading ’till I went to university, it’s now stuck with me.
I like to read fanfics mostly, but I do read books sometimes.

After reading fics that didn’t go the way I wanted, I started writing some of my own. lol

As most know, I’m a seiyuu (Voice Actress), started by school days with friends, and still going at it. Created a Team for Dubbing as we reached University, and it’s proudly the first Arabic one online.

Ok, About my personal life.
Nothing much to say, I’m 29 this year, female.

I don’t know what to write more so I’ll conclude it here.

Miyako Out~