Wasted Day

I think I waster 6 hours searching for an old fanfic.

I STILL couldn’t find it.

I wrote about it before in a previous post.

I will keep searching… but I hope to find a leading link or at least a keyword. T_T

If only I could find an old fan to help me on this…….


Football: Real Madrid vs Levante

I lost a bet against my husband. -_-

Yesterday was a match between Real Madrid and Levante, 5-0.

You see, I’m not into football, it’s only for him since he loves it so why not indulge with him a bit in that field?

So he was so sure about their victory and said they’ll get at least 4 balls in.

Here my bet was, if they get less than 4 he’ll get me something, however if they got 4 or more I’ll get him a present.

Needless to say who won. -_-

Now, I’m thinking what to get him.

Maybe the new iphone plus he wanted?

FanArt: Fishing

Been few days since my last update, in which i hoped to get an answer.

Whatever, here ‘s another drawing.

Big Fish

Anime: Dragon Ball z

Characters: Son Goku (Kakarot) & Vegeta

Chibi style lol

Yes, here’e Goku looking proud of his catch and shows off to Vegeta, who is impressed by it.

You’d think he can’t do that, too. lol