Song? Chichi wo Oppai~!

So instead of trying to write the fic….. I got inspired to sing.

And sing what? Something Horribly Perverted! xD

“Chichi wo Moge” character song for Parco Folgore

Anime: Konjiki no Gash Bel

However, I couldn’t relax while singing, the walls are not sound proof, thus some part didn’t come out right. T.T

Anyways, here ya go!

If by some chance you don’t know it, here’s the original. lol

Have fun~ xD


Art: Tuxedo

It’s about time I post a drawing again, ne?

So here is it.

This is an old one, I used reference from a Ranma one, since it’s the closest to my style.

BG is a mix..

Used the photo of Dubai, United Arab Emirates & Lightening lol

My oc is the Purple/Violet haired one, while the red head is a friend of mine.

Miyako & Yukii in Toxidoes

Gaming: Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax!

On Sunday I finally got my PSVita Game, Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax!

Yes, I’m excited about it, especially that I have been waiting for it for 3 months and had it lost in transit. lol

The only reason I got this game is because it has Izaya in it. x”D

It has many other characters in from various animes, and that’s so cool.