Drawing: Sleeping

I made a mistake in the hands, too small but whatever…

Anime: Beyblade

Characters: Kai Hiwatari & Tala Ivanov (Yuri Balkov)

Chibi Kai&chibi Yuriy asleep


Drawing Children?

Wanted to Add another fanart today so here you go~

Anime: Beyblade

Characters: Kai Hiwatari & Tala Ivanov (Yuri)

It’s originally for my fanfic lol

chibi hug

A Dream

Today I had a weird dream..

Something about traveling and booking hotels and then changing them over time, but have to change before sunset or else the Gates to the city will close.

They close the Gates to prevent the entry or a black mist, I think it’s actually a virus?

The hotel I checked was really nice, 7 stars anyone? Then went to shop for Gifts and found many and got into a fight with boys and men.

Later after the mist did enter, it wrecked havoc in the city, killing people and driving people so mad. One of the these people stole a car and drove around pulling a ‘Hit and Run’ on random people, I remember him killing a small child and when the mother came searching for him she found him dead, but found another child that survived the attack close by, so she took him in.

All of this and more was in the time span of a 12 minutes nap i had after 6:30AM to 6:42AM.

Yes, I was a bit late for work.. lol


Back Pain is getting bad…

My little brother (6y) slept in the same bed as myself yesterday, since my other bro (11y) slept on the other bed.

The problem here isn’t him sleeping my bed, it would be him sticking to my back all night and then pushing my to the edge of the bed and I don’t have the heart to push him back. ._.

I already have back problems, so staying in the position irritated my back and thus the pain started anew and worsened my mood, which has been bad since Wednesday.

I snapped at my husband this last weekend several times and when I finally admitted it was because of the pain he promised to take me to the hospital this Thursday.

I just hope they find a cure.

It’s almost always a back pain that ruins my mood these days.. >_<

FanArt: Anime Crossover

Another Crossover drawing of Chibi characters lol

Dunno what I was thinking then… 0.0″

Beyblade: Hiwatari Kai

Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta

Shaman King: Tao Ren

And Panda san. xD

Chibi Group