Wasted Day

I think I waster 6 hours searching for an old fanfic.

I STILL couldn’t find it.

I wrote about it before in a previous post.

I will keep searching… but I hope to find a leading link or at least a keyword. T_T

If only I could find an old fan to help me on this…….


FanArt: Fishing

Been few days since my last update, in which i hoped to get an answer.

Whatever, here ‘s another drawing.

Big Fish

Anime: Dragon Ball z

Characters: Son Goku (Kakarot) & Vegeta

Chibi style lol

Yes, here’e Goku looking proud of his catch and shows off to Vegeta, who is impressed by it.

You’d think he can’t do that, too. lol

FanArt: Anime Crossover

Another Crossover drawing of Chibi characters lol

Dunno what I was thinking then… 0.0″

Beyblade: Hiwatari Kai

Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta

Shaman King: Tao Ren

And Panda san. xD

Chibi Group