Global Village

Ever been to Dubai?

One must visit the global village when they are there when it’s open.

Yesterday I went and visited India, Europe, Far East, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, and many more.

Food is the main factor there as well as their goods, of course.

Meeting people of those nationalities and trying out their culture is fun, too. I like it when I show them a word or two from what I know from their language; their reactions fills my heart with happiness.

Ah, I found this yummy Ice cream, too. Black charcoal!

Tasted like Vanilla, though. My favorite.

There were many shops for unique things, people try their best.

It’s lovely.


Today’s Plan~

Thursday, finally!!

I’m so sleepy, don’t know how I managed to get up and then drive to work.

Didn’t sleep much, only at 6Am and had to wake up every few minutes to make sure I don’t over sleep. T.T

Later today, my husband will come back so I’m going to make some things~

– Pancake.

– Pasta.

– Shrimp Dynamite.

I don’t even know how I’ll manage them with my headache and lack of sleep….. mmm, should I leave early today?

I need to go to Nike’s shop to change the shoes I got for my brother, they tried to scam to yesterday on the phone.

Ah, I will get a new iphone today, too!

My old one broke… I threw it in a fit of anger and CRASH!


Ramadan Kareem~

We started Ramadan, the Holy Month for Muslims~!!

Ramadan Mubarak, minna sa~

So this is the month we fast in, starting sunrise to sunset.

duration is different from country to country.. for my in UAE, it’s from around 4AM to 19:05PM.

Till now i’m ok, only felt a sting of hunger once and then it’s gone, by sunset (Futoor Time) a glass of water is enough for me, but i eat anyways, though i only eat one type of food. others, i would just take a try-bite.

The reason we fast is, in Islam, Allah wants to remind us of the Poor and how they don’t have food for days and they even starve to death.

Also, it’s not just stopping food and drinks, it’s also to keep ourselves from any immoral things; gossips, bad mouthing and cussing.. Looking at bad things, and anything that is immoral, on the other hand they do more good things, help anyone in need more than any normal day, among other things.

Another thing is, strengthen relationships, we visit families and friends, and before sunset we exchange what we cooked of food.

Ramadan truly is a special month.


My last post was a week ago, but been busy and I totally forget that I have the App on my phone.. sad.

Ok, so my week so far was really, truly busy!

Meetings and trainings and sleepless nights! DX

Thankfully I passed all that, but then the hospital visits started! ._.

first, 2 days ago, my sister gave birth to a baby boy~

then yesterday I had a physical Therapy but had too much work and was late for it… and missed it.

Today I have an MRI cuz the last one was cancelled, but I totally forgot that I should be fasting. I didn’t, but I did Drink my morning Tea.

so I called to make sure if it was ok or not, and they say my phone was off, which wasn’t.. ._.

It’s on Saturdays now. *sighs*

On the Pro side for today though, I’m visiting my family after work and will have lunch with them, and later my husband will be back.

Holiday~ <3

This Saturday was Eid Al-Adha~

So we had few days off, Sunday and Monday, though I had hoped for a longer one, but whatever.

It was kind of cool, even though I overslept a bit and didn’t go to this Eid’s Prayer.

Celebrating was less than usual too, I only got to see my mother and sisters in law, then went to my own family with my husband and then a quick visit to the Family Household.

The Family Household was my late grandmother’s house, it’s a huge house that has 6 houses and other 3 small other building for gatherings depending on the occasion and now they’re building 3 or 4 more houses inside.

It’s good to see your family in close watch and with a deep good relation. ❤

Shortly after visiting, we headed to Dubai, Apparently, my husband booked a room at a Hotel, Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates to be exact.

He had them prepare a special surprise for me there, too. ❤

Had lunch at Panda Chinese restaurant, my food was better than my husband, HA! Take that dear husband! xD

Next day we had a buffet breakfast then later went to Dubai Mall, and since we’re not crazy enough to go by car and get stuck in the traffic, we opted to use the Metro.

There I met an online friend, and visited Virgin Store and Kinokuniya Bookstore and got lots of Manga and Gifts.

I’ll post the Items I got later in a new post. ^.^

After that we returned to the hotel after midnight and the next morning we went through a fast shopping for last minute items and returned home.

So, yes, I believe it was a nice Holiday. ^-^

Tried to Post some photos to go with the post but for some reason it gives me an error, is it because the photos are too big or just the connection?

New Week~

It’s Sunday~

The start of another week and a new working day.

Week end was nice, slept the whole day of Thursday since I didn’t have much sleep the last 3 previous days. Not really, Just after 19:30PM and going.

Friday was uneventful; just relaxing at home playing Diablo3: RoS on PS3.

Saturday, had plans to visit my mother but she was not home, so we visited my Husband’s Grandmother, later had dinner with my Husband at Chicken Texas. lol

He left back to work at night, and I went back home. U.U

Soooooo, back to work again!

And back to the daily posting, again. xD