Today’s Plan~

Thursday, finally!!

I’m so sleepy, don’t know how I managed to get up and then drive to work.

Didn’t sleep much, only at 6Am and had to wake up every few minutes to make sure I don’t over sleep. T.T

Later today, my husband will come back so I’m going to make some things~

– Pancake.

– Pasta.

– Shrimp Dynamite.

I don’t even know how I’ll manage them with my headache and lack of sleep….. mmm, should I leave early today?

I need to go to Nike’s shop to change the shoes I got for my brother, they tried to scam to yesterday on the phone.

Ah, I will get a new iphone today, too!

My old one broke… I threw it in a fit of anger and CRASH!



Iphone 6 plus

Got the gift for my husband, iphone 6 Plus.

But changed the color.

It was Gold, changed to Space Gray.

He wanted to pair with the one he got for me, iphone 6. x3

Ah, nothing interesting today as of yet, but i’m excited to see his reaction when he sees it. xD

Football: Real Madrid vs Levante

I lost a bet against my husband. -_-

Yesterday was a match between Real Madrid and Levante, 5-0.

You see, I’m not into football, it’s only for him since he loves it so why not indulge with him a bit in that field?

So he was so sure about their victory and said they’ll get at least 4 balls in.

Here my bet was, if they get less than 4 he’ll get me something, however if they got 4 or more I’ll get him a present.

Needless to say who won. -_-

Now, I’m thinking what to get him.

Maybe the new iphone plus he wanted?