Fan Art: The Most Beautiful Death in the World.

After watching Kuroshitsuji’s Musical, The Most Beautiful Death in the World, I just had to draw Eric, even though Grell is my favorite.

Hoping someone will understand this scene.


Unending struggle 

Lately, I have been some depressing problems, I try my best to ignore and overcome them, but they’re having their toll on me.

It got so bad that I had to deactivate my FB account in fear that I might write something stupid there.

I can’t do this anymore, I hope it gets better soon.

Seems like i’m going to try drawing more or just record some music.


Start Weekend!

Been more than a week since I last posted?

Anyways, this week was… busy.

At least I finished mixing a song! =D

It has a bit of an Arabic lyrics in the middle of an all Japanese one. it was for my son’s birthday~ ❤

It’s not perfect but I love it anyways. ❤

and regarding fics, I’m still searching for that so very old fic, wonder if i’m ever gonna find it.

Ah, yes!

Art of the day?

Sama Finished~

Birthday boy lol

Song: Madonna – La Isla Bonita

Old songs anyone?

My father loves this song, and he knows I like singing, so he asked me to try it.

Here it is.

Original Artist: Madonna

Song: La Isla Bonita

Cover art by me, duh~La1 La2

Even though the eyes should be Golden now. -w-

Song: Lady Gaga, Alejandro.


I’m having a fit over this song these days~

A friend of mine sang the original cover, and I loved it, so here’s my own cover for his cover. xD

It’s in Arabic, btw.

Music: It’s actually Lady Gaga’s Song, Alejandro.

Lyrics: Nyon, he changed the whole thing, and to me I like his version better. o.O

Arabic Title: Harsh Paths

I’m aware of the title changes between the link and here but I think Path is more accurate.

Azucar Moreno~ <3

Spanish song~

Who doesn’t love them?

When I was young, my father used to travel each year, so sometimes when he comes back he brings some songs that he liked there.

Once he came back and brought a copied cassette, i’m talking early 90s here, and had me listen to it, since we have almost the same music taste. and i fell in love with 2 songs.

The cassette, as it was was only a copy, didn’t have an artist title or song names or anything, so we didn’t know who it was at all.

Few years ago, i found the cassette in my belonging, had my father make a copy for me too haha, and a friend helped me check when i told him the story of the song, cuz i wanted a high quality version of it.

And I finally found it, it’s for Azucan Moreno, Olé~

And the other song was Mecachis!

Today I searched the other album to find another one I love, and found it, A Caballo.

It really brings me memories.

I really love old music; they have music that the ear listens to, new ones are rarely good anymore, since it’s more for the eyes than the ears.