New PC

I got a new pc, wasn’t planning to get it now but it happened somehow. Lol

Loving how powerful it is, collected everything as I want it.

– Motherboard: Asus z27d e

– Cabin: nzxt

– Processor: i7 7700k

– Ram: 32

– SSD: 500gb

– Normal hard disk: 2tb

– Graphics: 1080ti

– Cooler: h100i v2

– smps: 850

– nzxt led fan

– windows 10 pro

Then got the monitor: aoc g2460pf 24″ amd freesync

Last are the mouse and keyboard from Razer. Mamba tournament edition?

I think I can call it a gamer pc, ne?

It cost me a fortune, to be honest, and I know many gamers might call me a gamer girl wannabe, however that won’t stop the fact that I got it, especially that it’s not the only purpose for this pc. Lol

Also, I hope this will give me the push I need to go back to dubbing, sing, writing and editing again.

I lost my spark 4 years ago with no apparent reason.

Let’s just hope.


Start Weekend!

Been more than a week since I last posted?

Anyways, this week was… busy.

At least I finished mixing a song! =D

It has a bit of an Arabic lyrics in the middle of an all Japanese one. it was for my son’s birthday~ ❤

It’s not perfect but I love it anyways. ❤

and regarding fics, I’m still searching for that so very old fic, wonder if i’m ever gonna find it.

Ah, yes!

Art of the day?

Sama Finished~

Birthday boy lol

Song: Madonna – La Isla Bonita

Old songs anyone?

My father loves this song, and he knows I like singing, so he asked me to try it.

Here it is.

Original Artist: Madonna

Song: La Isla Bonita

Cover art by me, duh~La1 La2

Even though the eyes should be Golden now. -w-

Azucar Moreno~ <3

Spanish song~

Who doesn’t love them?

When I was young, my father used to travel each year, so sometimes when he comes back he brings some songs that he liked there.

Once he came back and brought a copied cassette, i’m talking early 90s here, and had me listen to it, since we have almost the same music taste. and i fell in love with 2 songs.

The cassette, as it was was only a copy, didn’t have an artist title or song names or anything, so we didn’t know who it was at all.

Few years ago, i found the cassette in my belonging, had my father make a copy for me too haha, and a friend helped me check when i told him the story of the song, cuz i wanted a high quality version of it.

And I finally found it, it’s for Azucan Moreno, Olé~

And the other song was Mecachis!

Today I searched the other album to find another one I love, and found it, A Caballo.

It really brings me memories.

I really love old music; they have music that the ear listens to, new ones are rarely good anymore, since it’s more for the eyes than the ears.

Anime and Manga~ Attack on Titan!

A new week day~

Back to work and in better health, but for some reason i’m not in my usual mood; you know like feeling…. tired and blank?

On another note, I got my husband hooked into anime! xD

Been watching Shingeki no kyojin, special episode? It comes as a DVD and Vol 14 of the manga (Japanese).

Special, Episode, Shingeki, no, Kyojin, Manga, Vol 9, Japanese

Special, Episode, Shingeki, no, Kyojin, Manga, Vol 14, Japanese

Later we continued watching old anime that we used to watch as children.

And finally downloaded Heidi, Girl of the Alps!

(Arupusu no Shoujo Haiji)

Cool, ne?