Don’t know what to do

I just don’t know what to do.

Got into Blade and Soul, An online pc Game, but barely had time to play.

At least I got to lvl 19 yesterday. haha!

I’m also having a problem with my Adobe audition CS6; it just stops working all together. All my projects are on it, I even tried the CC6 one..

I will have to restart everything on another program if this matter is not fixed somehow.


Shopping & Shipping

Ah, it has been some time since I last just wrote something random here and not Art.

Well, I don’t want to make it art spamming only, it IS a blog after all, so might as well.

Yesterday I started receiving the items I bought online from Amazon and Souq for the Black/White Friday, they were great~

Though the receiving bills were high, almost 200$ it was worth it~!

So here’s the list of the things I got so far:

1- Bird Toys: for my Eclectus Parrot, Hanji, and her friends; my brother in law’s featherless Casco and the Anti-social normal green colored parrot.

2- Nike+ FuelBand SE.

3- 3DS XL.

4- Women (Burgi) & Men (So&Co)  Watches.

5- Tarte Gloss set, Long story for it..ugh.

6- Shoes

These were my things, waiting for more to come, ne~

My cousin got other items also, in which I bought for her:

1- Shoes: 2 sets.

2- Tarte Gloss set, the same long story.

3- Tarte gloss, another type she requested.

Went for shopping for other things like Clothing and a Gift for my sister.

Ah, yes~ Aside from all that, I upgraded my PC system from 8 to 8.1, and I’m really afraid I made the wrong decision. ._.

as for today, I’m going back to my husband’s family house to start preparing for his return tomorrow.

Other than that, I don’t know what else to do.

Holiday~ <3

This Saturday was Eid Al-Adha~

So we had few days off, Sunday and Monday, though I had hoped for a longer one, but whatever.

It was kind of cool, even though I overslept a bit and didn’t go to this Eid’s Prayer.

Celebrating was less than usual too, I only got to see my mother and sisters in law, then went to my own family with my husband and then a quick visit to the Family Household.

The Family Household was my late grandmother’s house, it’s a huge house that has 6 houses and other 3 small other building for gatherings depending on the occasion and now they’re building 3 or 4 more houses inside.

It’s good to see your family in close watch and with a deep good relation. ❤

Shortly after visiting, we headed to Dubai, Apparently, my husband booked a room at a Hotel, Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates to be exact.

He had them prepare a special surprise for me there, too. ❤

Had lunch at Panda Chinese restaurant, my food was better than my husband, HA! Take that dear husband! xD

Next day we had a buffet breakfast then later went to Dubai Mall, and since we’re not crazy enough to go by car and get stuck in the traffic, we opted to use the Metro.

There I met an online friend, and visited Virgin Store and Kinokuniya Bookstore and got lots of Manga and Gifts.

I’ll post the Items I got later in a new post. ^.^

After that we returned to the hotel after midnight and the next morning we went through a fast shopping for last minute items and returned home.

So, yes, I believe it was a nice Holiday. ^-^

Tried to Post some photos to go with the post but for some reason it gives me an error, is it because the photos are too big or just the connection?