First Anniversary~

Yesterday I went to Dubai Mall to do few things.

1- Winning coupon:

They forgot all about it.

2- Replacement of my Swarovski Galaxy S4 cover:

Seems like they lost it, but told me to get anything else I want of the same price.

So I got a Ring.

Watched few Water shows, Went sight-seeing, and then had dinner at P.F.Chang’s~

But all in all, it was filled to the brim with arguments…. it was a total disaster.

Today is our first Anniversary, hope it turns out much better than yesterday, I won’t be able to handle it.


Gerard Butler.

So just now I received this email to confirm the winning.

Congratulations on winning the Bottle signed by Gerard Butler.

They mean the Actor? As in the Actor Gerard Butler??

Should I feel lucky or something?


Yesterday, while I was depressed at work, I received a phone call.

Woman: Hello, Is this Mrs. blah blah?

Me: Yes, I am?

Woman: This is Blah blah from Hugo perfumes, remember last month you came to Dubai Mall and visited us?

Me: I think I remember something like that.

Woman: Congratulations! you have won the first Prize!

Me: Huh?

Well, I think God wanted to make me feel better. ^-^