New Manager

Finally and after so long we got a manager at work.

He seems ok, and he’s local unlike my previous supervisor.

He worked at a better place before, but it was too far and costed a lot if rents.

I got more work than before, a bit stressful but I’m enjoying it.


Today’s Plan~

Thursday, finally!!

I’m so sleepy, don’t know how I managed to get up and then drive to work.

Didn’t sleep much, only at 6Am and had to wake up every few minutes to make sure I don’t over sleep. T.T

Later today, my husband will come back so I’m going to make some things~

– Pancake.

– Pasta.

– Shrimp Dynamite.

I don’t even know how I’ll manage them with my headache and lack of sleep….. mmm, should I leave early today?

I need to go to Nike’s shop to change the shoes I got for my brother, they tried to scam to yesterday on the phone.

Ah, I will get a new iphone today, too!

My old one broke… I threw it in a fit of anger and CRASH!


Sport: Started Gym!

I finally registered at a Gymnasium,

However, I didn’t like how they work.

Only one trainer for all classes?

She didn’t even notice I’m new, and killed me with the workout.

2 hours straight!

I got back home by 20 pm, and much to my luck, I passed out! D=

woke up around 1 thirty?

Barely got up to turn off the lights and crawled to my bed. T.T

Today my whole body is dead that I even thought about skipping work for a sick-leave and getting a pain-killer injection for it. Y_Y

Seems like i’m going to skip today to let my body rest and continue tomorrow.

I need to buy sport shoes anyways.


My last post was a week ago, but been busy and I totally forget that I have the App on my phone.. sad.

Ok, so my week so far was really, truly busy!

Meetings and trainings and sleepless nights! DX

Thankfully I passed all that, but then the hospital visits started! ._.

first, 2 days ago, my sister gave birth to a baby boy~

then yesterday I had a physical Therapy but had too much work and was late for it… and missed it.

Today I have an MRI cuz the last one was cancelled, but I totally forgot that I should be fasting. I didn’t, but I did Drink my morning Tea.

so I called to make sure if it was ok or not, and they say my phone was off, which wasn’t.. ._.

It’s on Saturdays now. *sighs*

On the Pro side for today though, I’m visiting my family after work and will have lunch with them, and later my husband will be back.

Anime and Manga~ Attack on Titan!

A new week day~

Back to work and in better health, but for some reason i’m not in my usual mood; you know like feeling…. tired and blank?

On another note, I got my husband hooked into anime! xD

Been watching Shingeki no kyojin, special episode? It comes as a DVD and Vol 14 of the manga (Japanese).

Special, Episode, Shingeki, no, Kyojin, Manga, Vol 9, Japanese

Special, Episode, Shingeki, no, Kyojin, Manga, Vol 14, Japanese

Later we continued watching old anime that we used to watch as children.

And finally downloaded Heidi, Girl of the Alps!

(Arupusu no Shoujo Haiji)

Cool, ne?

A Dream

Today I had a weird dream..

Something about traveling and booking hotels and then changing them over time, but have to change before sunset or else the Gates to the city will close.

They close the Gates to prevent the entry or a black mist, I think it’s actually a virus?

The hotel I checked was really nice, 7 stars anyone? Then went to shop for Gifts and found many and got into a fight with boys and men.

Later after the mist did enter, it wrecked havoc in the city, killing people and driving people so mad. One of the these people stole a car and drove around pulling a ‘Hit and Run’ on random people, I remember him killing a small child and when the mother came searching for him she found him dead, but found another child that survived the attack close by, so she took him in.

All of this and more was in the time span of a 12 minutes nap i had after 6:30AM to 6:42AM.

Yes, I was a bit late for work.. lol

New Week~

It’s Sunday~

The start of another week and a new working day.

Week end was nice, slept the whole day of Thursday since I didn’t have much sleep the last 3 previous days. Not really, Just after 19:30PM and going.

Friday was uneventful; just relaxing at home playing Diablo3: RoS on PS3.

Saturday, had plans to visit my mother but she was not home, so we visited my Husband’s Grandmother, later had dinner with my Husband at Chicken Texas. lol

He left back to work at night, and I went back home. U.U

Soooooo, back to work again!

And back to the daily posting, again. xD